Top 5 Franchise Business in the Philippines For You to Invest In

Are you looking to start a business in the Philippines and want to make the most out of your capital? How about going into the franchise business?

Not all franchise opportunities are made equal, however. Take a look at the 5 most popular franchise businesses in the Philippines. They can open up plenty of lucrative opportunities for you.

Food Kiosk

With the least amount of franchise fee required, food kiosks are ideal for people who are looking for an affordable business to start with. Given the Filipinos’ love for food and the art of eating while taking a stroll, you can realize your dream of becoming an entrepreneur for less with this type of franchise business. Take your pick from Potato Corner, Famous Belgian Waffle, Mr. Softy Ice Cream, and many others.

Water Refilling Station

Who doesn’t drink water? With the business idea of satisfying a basic need, water refilling stations are profitable franchise opportunities. Take it from Aquabest and Crystal Clear Water.

Fast Food Restaurant

This list would be incomplete without Jollibee, McDonald’s, KFC, Bento Box, and other fast food chains. With people dependent on food for survival, you won’t go wrong with investing in a fast food franchise.

Personal Services

Laundry shops, car wash shops, gas stations, and payment centers are a few examples of personal-service businesses. The practicality and convenience they offer make them a great franchise idea. So, why not invest in Mr. Quickie, Bayad Center, Shell, or Happy Wash Laundry?  

Retail and Pharmacy

Drugstores may require higher franchise fees, but the returns are equally high. Medicines will always be needed, after all. This rings true for pharmacies like The Generics Pharmacy and Generika Drugstore that sell generic drugs.  

There are other types of franchise business available in the Philippines but these 5 types are ideal for those who are still starting in the industry. Shop around to find the right franchise for your budget and business goals.

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