Top 5 NABE Chain Restaurants in Japan

Nabe is a traditional Japanese cuisine that has various flavors and ingredients. People and generally eat it with their friends or family. It is popular all year, but especially in winter. Here you are going to see the top 5 most popular Nabe chain restaurants in Japan.


Aka-kara is famous for their secret spicy soup that is mixture of miso from Nagoya and chili pepper. It is very popular especially among young people for its unique system that allows people to choose the level of pungency, as well as its own original menu items, and its addictive spicy soup.

MK restaurant

MK restaurant is a Nabe chain restaurant that is managed by Plenus.Inc in Japan, and has some stores in Thailand. It is popular for its multiple styles of Nabe. One is shabu-shabu style, which is an Asian style Nabe that has a simple tasting soup, with a number of different taste of dips, sauces, and so on. MK restaurant serves voluminous Nabe for reasonable prices, so even in lunchtime people can enjoy it for lunch.

Sumousaya Chanko Edozawa.

This restaurant serves Nabe in Chanko-style and it has store in Ryogoku area in Japan, which is famous for Chanko-style Nabe. However it does not only have Chanko-style Nabe, but also has Nabe made with additive-free soy sauce soup, chicken soup, tomato soup, etc. It also has an abundant amount of side dishes like fried foods and à-la-carte dishes so that all kinds of people can enjoy it regardless of age.

It also has all-you-can-drink menus so it is recommendable for the people who want to enjoy with alcohol drinks.

Shabu-Shabu Onyasai

Here, you can enjoy vegetables grown in Japan, as well as and selected meats from Japan in a Shabu-Shabu style Nabe. Even though you can order a single dish, course menus also include meat, vegetables, side dishes, rice, noodles, and desserts, so it is very popular. You can choose 2 types of soup at once, so that you can enjoy two soup flavors at once.


Nabe-Zou is a casual Nabe restaurant where you can enjoy Shabu-Shabu style Nabe and Sukiyaki style Nabe. It serves natural, chemical-free ingredients, so that it is popular among people who care about their health a lot. Here also you have the option that you can choose from 5 types of soup, as well as an all-you-can-drink menu. This makes it popular for group customers.


Nabe attracts people with its adubundant variation of multiple soups and styles. Many of them have all-you-can-eat menus, so they are recommended for people who want to eat a lot without thinking of money.

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