The Top 5 Most Popular Udon Chain Restaurant in Japan

Udon is a famous Japanese noodle dish that is popular not only with Japanese people, but also with foreign tourists in Japan. Here, you will see the top 5 udon chain restaurants in Japan.

1. Marugame Seimen

Marugame Seimen is a well known Sanuki* 1 style Udon restaurant. It is popular for its seasonal menus and side dishes like tempura. It attracts all range of ages from

young to elderly with its semi-self-ordering system that allows you to choose various menu items. Marugame is an Udon has become a popular topic on SNS as well with many tips online on how to enjoy Marugome’s menu even more.  

2. Hanamaru Udon

Hanamaru Udon is a Sanuki style Udon chain restaurant originally from Kagawa. It is popular for its reasonable prices, various fried side menu items, and a tasty soup that theudon is served in. People are able to enjoy menu items from its regular menu, as well as its limited menu items that change depending on the season.

3. Nakau

Nakau is a Udon chain restaurant that serves donburi* 1 and Kyoto style Udon. People enjoys its menu because it has many items, making it beloved by all the people regardless of age. Characteristics of its Western style soup are seen in its clear color, yet deep taste of dashi* 2 this style of soup is what makes it a sophisticated classic Kyoto style udon.

4. Kinuya

Kinuya serves genuine handmade Udon using the traditional Sanuki-style recipe. The

characteristics of Kinuya is that is uses a Western style soup stock that has a unique fresh taste. In addition, Kinuya locations do udon making demonstrations. This makes Kinuya popular with customers who have young children. Kinuya is well known not only for its tasty soup stock, but also for its high quality udon making performance.

Also some stores have Halal menus for Islamic people, so that all the kinds of people can enjoy its food.

5. Yamada Udon

Yamada Udon attracts people with its reasonable price and various set menus. It also has a breakfast menu, a Today’s Special menu, and ramen. Because of its relaxing atmosphere, Yamada Udon is very popular for many people, especially for those who have children.


Each brand has its own characteristics including menu items, tastes and services. We

can say that Marugame-seimen and Hanamaru-udon in particular are the most famous who

already have markets overseas.

* 1 a name of traditional Japanese cuisine that literally means “rice bowl dish” consisting of

fish, meat, vegetables or other ingredients simmered together and served over rice.

* 2 a type of soup and cooking stock used in Japanese cuisine.