Top 10 Famous Japanese Foods in the Franchise Business

​​​​​​​Japanese foods that are most known as being part Japanese Cultural Heritage are most known for its freshness, cooking techniques, and arrangement among all over the world. There are a number of Japanese food franchise businesses in Southeast Asia, the United States, and Europe. Here are the most popular Japanese foods that you can serve in franchise stores.


Udon is a very popular Japanese food in the food franchise business. Udon has a variety types, like Sanuki Udon, Hakata Udon, Inaniwa Udon etc. It attracts people by its simplicity and cheap price.


Teishoku is well liked by all the kind of people because its a combination of a variety of dishes. That is why many franchise stores have a Teishoku menu. One of the most famous Teishoku franchise is Yayoi-ken. They also have stores overseas.


Tonkatsu has a huge popularity regardless of generations. You can expect many demands in urban and touristy areas. It is favored by not only the Japanese, but also foreign tourists.


Even though you might not have an image as being Japanese cuisine, but it is. People can enjoy the difference of tastes by eating a variety of different ingredients due to the two most popular styles, Kansai and Hiroshima.


Despite its origins in China, the recent “Ramen Culture” was created in Japan and people from everywhere around the world to eat it. The tastes vary based on area like Tonkotsu, Soy Sauce, Salt, Miso and so on. People enjoy it in many situations, not only at lunch but also after drinking alcohol.


Sushi stores attract people with sushi and assorted side dishes like miso soup and chawanmushi. Sushi is very popular for its casualness to enjoy fresh fish regardless of nationality, age and people.


  Nabe is another popular Japanese cuisine in the food franchise business. It is especially eaten in winter. It is also loved by women who are much sensitive to food ingredients and their health because of its well-balanced nutrition. It also has a variety of soup and ingredients. “Aka-kara” is very famous for its system that you can choice the levels of spice, which is popular among people who enjoy spicy foods.


Tempura is a well-known Japanese cuisine and familiar to people from all over the world.


 Don also has huge popularity, especially among men and students who want to eat a large volume of food. It is also a casual and simple cuisine, so that is popular in the franchise business.


 Soba is also a famous Japanese cuisine. It has high nutritional content, and many types of assorted foods that are put in it. Many people like this food representing Japanese cuisine.


There are a variety of types of Japanese foods that are served at food franchise stores like Sushi, Tempura, Udon, Soba, and Ramen. Each dish has its own attracting points.

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