Top 5 the Most Popular Franchise Restaurant Chains Among Japanese People


It is one of the most famous Japanese restaurants that is operated by Plenus Co., Ltd.

Its menus and ordering systems are well established, and it attracts people with seasonal dishes. Its price range is from US$7 to US$13. Popular menus are Pork shogayaki Teishoku (US$ 5.7) and vegetable and meat stir fry Teishoku (US$6)

Yayoi-ken has 331 domestic stores and 186 overseas stores, in other words, it has 517 stores in total. Also it aims to gain 500 more domestic stores.

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Hanamaru-udon is a Udon chain restaurant with a self-service system that is operated by Hanamaru Inc. It has 420 stores in Japan and it is one of the most well-known franchise chain store. Its prices range from US$ 2.6 to US$7. Popular menu items are oroshi-shoyu udon (US$ 2.64) and gyuniku udon(US$4.8). It also prepares for rice and the other foods as side dishes.

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Kamayakitorihonten- Oyahinata

Kamayakitorihonten- Oyahinata is a Japanese restaurants that has 2 menus, Japanese grilled chicken (yakitori) and udon. It has a varied menu including typical Japanese bar foods, and foods that are cooked with on grill Japanese style (teppan-yaki). It attracts many people with its satisfying dishes. It:s course menu also attracts a lot of customers. Its price range is around US$8.9 at lunch time, and US$35 at dinner time.

It has been gaining a number of new stores since it started in 2009. It now has 20 stores in Japan, including 3 directly-managed stores. Because it uses a license contract style, the store managers can manage their stores relatively freely. Also its cost rate is 21% which is a good percentage for store managers.

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Hoshino coffee

A popular franchise coffee chain that has know-how from Doutor Coffee and Nihon Restaurant System Inc. You will be able to understand its system easily because it explains all of its royalty fees, security deposit, participation fees, etc. on its official site. As of March 2017, it has more than 180 stores. It is gaining its publicity and making steady progress.

Its store has a traditional atmosphere that is beloved by all kind of people. Hoshino blend coffee (US$3.7) and soufflé pancake (US$6) are popular among its customers.

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Freshness burger

A popular hamburger franchise business is “Freshness burger”. A hamburger shop is a typical franchise business, but it has established its publicity in Japan. It attracts people with its ingredients, tastes, cooking techniques, and stylish furniture.

Even though its price range is relatively expensive, classic bacon cheeseburger US$5.8), Teriyaki Chicken burger (US$3.4), it also has a large drink menu including blend coffee (US$2.6), homemade ginger ale (US$3.4), and lemon cranberry soda (US$3.4). This sets it apart from the other hamburger chain shops.

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