Top 6 Japanese Dishes Filipinos Can’t Help but Love

We may not speak their language—but we sure do love their food.

There’s more to love about Japanese food besides the umami factor, though. Diners can also appreciate how are the dishes are prepared with intricacy and passion. So, it’s no wonder why Filipinos never lose their appetites for these six delicious dishes.

1. Ramen

Soup, bonito flakes, and kelp that burst with flavor; slippery, chewy noodles; delectable, mustard-yellow egg yolk—seriously, what’s not to love about ramen? Every slurp and chew will definitely lift anyone’s bad mood on a gloomy day.

2. Sushi

Sushi is relatively cheap, but it’s understandable why people willingly pay a hefty price for it. It’s exquisite, healthy, and easy to digest. Every piece just leaves you wanting for another.

3. Okonomiyaki

Commonly known as the “Japanese pizza”, this pancake dish contains shredded cabbage, onions, thinned pork belly, green onions, and optional extras like cheese, shrimp, or squid. Can you imagine the flavor explosion once you take a bite?

4. Tempura

Ah. Tempura. You can never prepare enough for that succulent shrimp meat once your teeth sink into its slightly crispy, fluffy coating. What’s the only surprise? There are no breadcrumbs used for the coating, folks—only lightly mixed cold batter.

5. Teriyaki Chicken

Teriyaki is actually not a dish but a cooking style, which means repeatedly glazing the chicken with sauce. It didn’t take long for Filipinos to innovate and come up with their own version. Using only Knorr cubes, soy sauce, rice wine, brown sugar, and sesame oil for the sauce, you can whip up a hearty lunch with no fuss.

6. Yakitori

Yakitori is chicken barbecue skewered with a bamboo stick and glazed with tare, a thickened salty and sweet sauce. Yakitori is a fun dish, ideal for a summer night out, where you and the whole family can bond over drinks and stories.

Filipinos can be a tad nationalistic; however, their love for these dishes knows no racial bounds. Japanese food is more popular than ever in the Philippines, so don’t hesitate to take a bite whenever you pop into a Japanese restaurant at any time.

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