The 3 Best BBQ Businesses Worth Franchising in the Philippines

For food that’s both affordable yet delectable, nothing can beat the classic barbecue--at least according to many Filipinos. This is why it’s hard to go wrong with opening a BBQ place in the Philippines.

But rather than build your own business from the ground up, why not consider franchising one of the following successful establishments?


As is typical of many local food businesses, AA BBQ had a humble beginning as a street stall which eventually became a thriving full-scale restaurant. Following the success of their first location, they opened their second one in Mandaue back in 2003.

They currently have other branches in Guadalupe, Minglanilla, North Reclamation Area, Lapu-Lapu, Bulacao, and even Cagayan de Oro, which serves a huge number of customers daily.

It doesn’t look like they have a branch in Luzon yet, so why not give it a go? Their selection of grilled seafood, charbroiled chicken, and other offerings are sure to be hits anywhere in the country.

Mang Inasal

Here’s a name you’ll likely find in any major mall in the Philippines these days. It can’t be helped considering that they did bag the title of Outstanding Filipino Franchise in the 2017 Franchise Excellence Award (FEA).

What started out when the fast food barbecue category was still in its growing stages has proven to be a fruitful risk for its founder Edgar “Injap” Sia. Mang Inasal is practically synonymous with a meal of native-style chicken inasal with unlimited rice now.

Their fusion of dine-in comfort and traditional cuisine is expected to continue winning the hearts of Filipinos even in the future.

Gerry’s Grill

Though their menu has long since included dishes like sisig, kare-kare, and adobo, Gerry’s Grill originally came to be from a love for grilled dishes, hence the name. This vision is what gave birth to a chain of restaurants that has branches even in Qatar, Singapore, and the United States.

Their target market was initially people who wanted to unwind with a drink, yet they’ve become an establishment that caters to families, too.

Even now, they are continuously evolving in response to the needs of their customers. Their locations stand as a testament to their commitment as they rank fairly well on sites like Zomato.

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