The Top 5 Most Popular Yakiniku Chain Restaurants in Japan.

Yakiniku means grilled meat and it is a kind of Japanese cuisine culturally, but its origin is in Korea.

Yakiniku chain restaurants have some attractions that individual ones don’t have, for example people can enjoy same quality dishes whichever store you go with cheap prices because of mass purchase. This time you are going to see popular Yakiniku chain restaurants.

1. Gyukaku

Most Japanese people must have been to this chain restaurant, or they at least know its name, because it has stores all over Japan. Being based on its motto that

“Yakiniku has magic to make people happy!”, it serves high quality meats with cheap

prices. It has huge support from family customers and its stores are very crowded with

people on weekends.

2. Anraku-tei

Anraku-tei’s motto is “safe, trusted and reaching high quality in casual way”. People can

enjoy good meats with reasonable prices, so it is popular among relatively young aged

customers. It also distributes coupons on the Internet.

3. Jojo-en

It is famous and popular as a high-class chain restaurant that has numerous shops in Tokyo. It has stores in Roppongi, Azabu, Akasaka, Shinjuku and Ginza which are the most

expensive places in Japan. Jojo-en also appears in the media a lot, so it is well known, even in the countryside of Japan where it does not have any stores. It has a high reputation of providing delicious tastes and serving quality meat.

4. Yakiniku-King

Yakiniku-King is favored as a restaurant where people can enjoy an all-you-can-eat menu buffet style. It recently has increased its recognition by opening stores in the countryside

of Japan. Prices are also reasonable so it is popular among all ages.

5. Gyushige

People enjoy genuine and professional Yakiniku by using a “shichirin”, a Japanese small

charcoal grill, at Gyushige. It is known for its slogan, “spirited shichirin Yakiniku”. It uses

Japanese traditional white charcoal called Binchotan to let its customers enjoy meats as

much as they want. It also uses a Amiyaki-style that can gets rid of unnecessary fat.

It focuses on domestic meats so that it is popular among gourmet people.


Each Japanese Yakiniku chain restaurant has its own attractions. For example, reasonable

prices, focusing on domestic meats, and focusing on high-quality meats. It is strongly recommendable for you to go there because many are very popular.