Mr.Kurokawa,CEO of Tamoya appeared on TV show as a sanuki udon champion.
The noodle is made of flour,salt,water only!

Authentic udon from Kagawa,Japan

Tamoya is one of the most esteemed udon!

Tamoya Udon was first established in 1996 by Tamotsu Kurokawa, who was crowned the sanuki udon champion .
Chef Tamotsu Kurokawa believes delicious udon can evoke smiles and happiness.
The udon noodles are made of wheat flour, salt and water only.
It's authentic Udon!!

Tamoya Udon has received many awards, including the "Sanuki no Yume Award".
Tamoya placed first in the delicious Sanuki udon ranking in 2009.
Tamoya is also often featured on magazines and TV.

It is a famous udon noodle store based in Kagawa, Japan. Kagawa has been called the Udon Prefecture for over 22 years.
Currently there are 12 stores in Japan, 1 store in Singapore, 8 stores in Taiwan, 1 store in Vietnam, and 1 store in Indonesia.
It is really popular Udon restaurant not only in Japan, but around the world.

Three strengths

Small capital

Due to our abundant experience, we have the know-how of how to open a franchise store so you can reduce th startup fees.
We deliver Tamoya noodles frozen by special refrigeration technology.
Because frozen noodles are used, the kitchen equipment and interior construction costs are reduced. The size starts from 15 ~ 20 square meters with 10 seats.
In addition, due to the use of the self-service business style, operations after opening are simplified and personnel expenses can be reduced.
Since the franchisee can start with a small capital, a high investment recovery and profit is possible over a short period.

High Profitable Franchise That Is Not Influenced By The Economy

As Sanuki udon is reasonably priced, it will not be effected by the economy, Tamoya's sales will increase even if there is a depression.
Also, udon has a low cost rate, so it is easy to make a profit.
Because of Tamoya is a self-service system, the waiting time for the customer is short, making the turnover rate fast.
Furthermore, the store requires simple operation, which brings about savings in personnel expenses.
Because the udon noodles are frozen and delivered, hand craftsmen is unnecessary, even inexperienced cooks can cook it.

Support System Based On Our Abundant Experience

We offer a training program at the headquarters before the store's opening.
At this training you will learn how truly important customer service is, and how to do it perfectly .
After opening, you don't have to be worried about the taste worsening by delivering troublesom fresh noodles. Because they are frozen, you make you cook udon the same as Tamoya in Japan easily.
Even after opening, we dispatch employees to each store to instruct how to provide products and customer service .

Udon with Meat

We can say it as "mariage", sweety and spicy Japanese beef stew with Sanuki Udon. You can eat it enough until your satisfactory.

Tonkotsu Udon

Awesome flavor of creamy Tonkotsu Soup, it makes loving time with eating Udon and pork libs.

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